Nevada is where Deep Creek Outfitters was created and it is one of our favorite states to hunt. With low tag numbers and amazing genetics, Nevada has some of the best hunting the West has to offer. DCO specializes in guiding trophy mule deer, bull elk, antelope, sheep (desert, Rocky, and California), and mountain lion.

Nevada is a bonus point state and bonus points are squared in Nevada. For example, if you have four base bonus points those will be squared and you will then have 16 chances plus one going into the next year’s drawing for a total of 17. If you are unsuccessful in the drawing and don’t draw, you gain an additional bonus point to help your odds of drawing next year. You are never guaranteed a tag in Nevada once you get a certain number of points. Many people get lucky and draw tough-to-draw tags with very few points. Everyone has a chance of drawing a tag regardless of how many points they have.

Nevada also offers a non-resident only “guide draw” for mule deer rifle hunts (rifle deer only). Applicants who apply in the guide draw must apply with a licensed guide. In most cases, the guide draw increases your odds of drawing a tag by 2x-4x. Please contact us if you would like to apply with us in the guide draw. Occasionally we also have landowner deer and elk tags available but these tags usually sell for over $10k (call us for availability).

First Come, First Served Tags

Nevada has a unique program called the First Come, First Served(FCFS). With this, any big game permits that are returned to the department will be made available for purchase at random through their online platform. Nonresidents will only be able to purchase permits that were originally held by other nonresident applicants. Picking up a tag from the FCFS program will deplete any bonus points held for that species. 

Click the button below to go to Nevada’s hunt application website. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding Nevada big game hunting!

Our Nevada Hunts