Deep Creek Outfitters currently offers guided bull elk hunts on the following units. We guided all seasons (archery, muzzleloader, rifle, late archery, and HAMS): 

  • Southwest Desert, South
  • Southwest Desert, North

Southwest Desert, South

The Southwest Desert is known for producing some giant desert bulls every year. We are new to guiding here, but we have spent a ton of time in these units and have located some giant bulls. The South unit has produced a number of bulls over 400″. Compared to some other units there aren’t a ton of elk in the SW desert, but the state manages the unit for trophy quality.

The archery hunt is a great hunt for rutting activity and the rutting continues into the early rifle and muzzleloader hunts. By the time the mid-rifle starts most of the rutting is done. The late rifle is post rut, but the potential is still there to harvest a giant bull. 

Southwest Desert, North

The North unit is managed much differently than the South unit. The overall elk numbers are pretty low in this unit, but the bull-to-cow ratio is very high. It is quite a bit easier to draw than the South unit, but there are still some big bulls in the unit. There are only two hunts in this unit: September archery and HAMS (handgun, archery, muzzleloader, shotgun). The September archery hunt goes then entire month of September so it gives bowhunters a great opportunity to kill a great bull during the rut. The HAMS hunt takes place during November and is a primitive weapon hunt.

This unit has a bunch of 310-330″ type bulls, but we have seen bulls pushing 350″ in this unit. If you are looking for a great LE elk hunt that doesn’t take a ton of points to draw, this is a great hunt. The September hunt is very fun with a lot of rutting activity. 

*Utah does offer OTC elk tags, but we don’t currently guide any of those hunts. We only guide Limited-Entry elk hunts. To get an idea of your drawing odds, here is a link to past drawing statistics:

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