Deep Creek Outfitters takes pride in offering the best hunting camp accommodations that we can. Sometimes we can’t control how the hunt is going. Some hunts it seems like everything goes as planned… and other times it feels like all we have is bad luck. But one thing we can control is having the best camp accommodations possible.

Our hunting camps vary depending on the hunt and the clients wants/needs. On hunts that are close to the road, we typically stay in camp trailers, wall tents, or our “lodge” in Nevada unit 242. These camps will be very comfortable with showers, TV,  internet. Most of these hunts are done out of trucks, side-by-sides, and occasionally horseback.

On backcountry hunts, most camps consist of wall tents and/or lightweight backpacking tents. We utilize horses, mules, or pack llamas to carry gear into remote camping areas. Some hunts may involve backpacking depending on the area and the clients abilities.

Regardless of the state or unit, we will go above and beyond to make your hunt and camping experience one you will never forget.

Check out some photos from our hunting camps!

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