2023 will be Deep Creek Outfitters third year guiding hunters on the Utah general mule deer hunt. Although we are somewhat new to guiding in Utah, we are not new to finding big bucks on the Utah general hunt. We have been hunting southern UT for years and have found and harvested many trophy mule deer on these tough units. Utah general mule deer hunts have a high number of hunters, but with hard scouting prior to the season there is a good chance of finding multiple big bucks.

Deep Creek Outfitters currently offers guided mule deer hunts on the following units:

  • Pine Valley 
  • Zion
  • Southwest Desert
  • Beaver

We guide all seasons (archery, muzzleloader, early rifle, late rifle, and limited-entry late muzzleloader). We don’t necessarily have a favorite hunt because they can all produce some solid bucks. The limited-entry late muzzleloader tags are difficult to draw and take place during early November, but they offer a great opportunity to harvest the biggest bucks in the unit.  

Camp accommodations can vary depending on the clients desire and needs. On hunts close to roads we typically have travel trailers and/or wall-tents and use trucks/ATV’s. Although these are “road hunts” we recommend being in good shape because a lot of hiking can be needed to avoid other hunters. We also try to utilize the horses to access remote areas whenever it is feasible.

When hunting the backcountry, we use horse/mules/llamas to pack-in lightweight tents or wall tents. The backcountry hunts require a lot of hiking in steep terrain, so we recommend being in good physical condition to increase your odds of being successful.


2023 Utah Deer Hunt Dates

  • Archery: August 19 – September 15
  • Muzzleloader: September 27 – October 5
  • Early Rifle: October 11-15
  • Late Rifle: October 21-29
  • Limited-Entry Late Muzzleloader: November 1-9


2023 Utah Mule Deer Pricing 

  • $5,500 for 5 days
  • $500 each additional day
  • Each additional hunter is 1/2 price ($2750/5 days — $250 each additional day)


Youth Hunter Info

20% of Utah’s general-season buck deer permits are allocated to youth in the big game drawing. For the purposes of big game hunting, you are a youth if you will be 17 years of age or younger on July 31. 

If you are a youth who obtains a general season any legal weapon deer permit (for either the early season or the later, traditional season), you may hunt during all general seasons for buck deer including archery, extended archery (course required), muzzleloader and any legal weapon seasons.



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