Nevada Bighorn Sheep

Deep Creek Outfitters offers guided Desert and California Bighorn Sheep hunts in all open units in Nevada. Living in southern Nevada, we are located right in the heart of Nevada’s best sheep hunting. Living here gives us the opportunity to spend more time in these units scouting for your hunt. We have a great group of guides who work hard and have many years of sheep hunting experience. Deep Creek Outfitters has the best accommodations and rates that Nevada has to offer.

Nevada only offers¬† “any legal weapon” (rifle) hunts to non-residents for Desert and Cali. bighorn sheep. Beginning in 2021, the state will now offer a few archery only ram tags to NV residents. Depending on the unit, it may have an early rifle hunt during September/October, or a late rifle hunt during November/December. We have guided sheep hunts in most units and are confident we can find you a nice ram in any unit.

If you have any question about what units to apply for, please contact us during the application period (April-May) and we can recommend some units.¬† If you have any questions about our sheep hunts, please give us a call today and let’s talk about your future hunt!

Deron with his 2021 Nevada Heritage Desert Bighorn Sheep!

2021 Nevada Governor's Tag Desert Bighorn Sheep


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