Deep Creek Outfitters offers trophy bull elk hunts in the premier units in the southern half of the state. Depending on the hunt dates and the client’s needs, camp accommodations may consist of travel trailers, wall tents, or backcountry camps with horses or pack llamas. Nevada does not offer OTC tags and is a draw-only state so you must apply for and draw a bull elk tag (with the exception of landowner permits).

Nevada offers archery elk hunts that run Aug. 25 – Sept. 16. Depending on the unit and weather, bulls will be bugling towards the end of this hunt. The archery hunt is a very fun hunt with a lot of action.

Muzzleloader hunts in most units run Oct. 22 – Nov. 5. By the time this hunt starts, the bulls are done rutting and have separated from the cows. Bulls will typically be back in their bachelor groups with other bulls. Nevada requires open-sights on muzzleloaders so this can be a tough hunt because of the limited shooting range. Unit 241-242 does offer a muzzleloader rut hunt that is Sept. 17 – Sept. 30. This would be a great hunt to hunt with a muzzleloader during the rut.

Following the muzzleloader season are two rifle seasons, an early rifle that runs Nov. 6 – 20 and a late rifle that goes Nov. 21 – Dec. 4. Both of these hunts have a good chance for snow and cold weather, but it’s not uncommon to have fairly warm weather too. Bulls with broken tines are very common, but occasionally you can find a bull that isn’t broken. We prefer the early season dates because the weather is usually better, but the late rifle hunt can also produce some good bulls. 

We specialize guiding bull elk in the following units. All of these units have a potential to produce 350″+ bulls:

  • 221-223
  • 231
  • 111-115 (BLM land only)
  • 241-242
  • 131-132

If you have any questions about which hunt to apply for, please give us a call or send us a message!

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