Growing up in Nevada, Utah has always been a state that we have hunted. Much of the terrain we hunt in Utah is very similar to Nevada with some high mountains and low desert country. Utah has a history of producing many big mule deer, elk, antelope, sheep, and mountain lions. Utah also has a growing population of mountain goats.


When it comes to mule deer, Utah has a “general” deer season and a “limited-entry” (LE) deer season. Typically, the LE deer tags are much harder to draw but offer a better chance at harvesting a top-quality buck. The general season tags are much easier to draw which means there is an increase in hunter pressure and generally speaking, bigger bucks are harder to find. However, even on the general season hunts, quality bucks can be found and are killed every year. 


Utah is a preference point state which means that during the tag drawing process, applicants with higher points will draw the tags. A portion of the tags in the LE draw do go to random applicant, so you do have a chance of drawing an LE deer tag every year. Every year you apply for a tag but don’t draw, you will accrue an additional preference point to increase your odds of drawing the following year. Generally speaking, you can have a good idea of whether you will draw a tag or not prior to applying for a tag if you look at the previous years drawing statistics. 

If you have never applied for Utah before or would like to apply for the units we guide, please contact us prior to or during the application period (typically during March/April) and we can help you out. Because of the short muzzleloader and rifle deer seasons, we typically only have time for 1 hunt per season, so these guided hunts fill up soon after draw results come out!

Along with mule deer, we currently guide mountain lion hunts as well. All mountain lion tags are draw only for the Pine Valley unit, so you must obtain a tag in the draw process in order to hunt. The lion tags are not OTC like they are in Nevada.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding Utah big game hunting!

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